The Mexican gallery and bookshop Grafika la Estampa is specialised
in Mexican graphic art. It provides prints, photographs and illustrated books
dating from the post-revolutionary era, known as the "Mexican Renaissance" which
flourished from the beginning of the 1920s until the end of the 1940s.

Born at the dawn of the 21st Century in December 1999, Grafika la Estampa aimed at creating a meeting place for artists, publishers and collectors who are eager to discover contemporary Mexican photography, art books and prints.

We are exhibiting the works of contemporary and well known photographers such as
Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Lola Alvarez Bravo, Luis Marquez, Nacho Lopez, Hector Garcia,
Hermanos Mayo and are pleased to show as well the ones of more recent artists
such as Adolfo Patiño, Yolanda Andrade, John O'Leary, Xiuhnel Sanabria,
Andres Garay and many more.